5 Signs You Love Your Work

Love Work Site PicHow many of the following statements accurately describe how you feel about the work you do?

1) You’re eager to learn more about the skills and talents needed for your job.

2) You spend time reading about work-related topics on your free time, just because you’re interested.


3) You’re not dreading your Monday morning work on Sunday night.

4) You feel like your talents are being well utilized and valued.

5) You’re consistently energized by your work, not drained by it.

Do you read these statements and say “Yes, that’s me!”?

If these statements don’t ring true for you, it’s time to ask yourself key questions like:

  • What’s missing for me in my work?
  • What type of work most energizes me?
  • What type of work is most draining for me?
  • What topics do I read about when I have free time?
  • What conversations can I have with my manager to get more on track with my interests and talents?
  • What actions can I take to have a job that’s more in alignment with my interests, skills and talents?

Your manager and employer have a huge influence on your level of job satisfaction, but finding the type of work that fits your natural skills and talents and energizes you is key to your success and continued growth.

Don’t let six months or (geesh!) years go by without checking in with yourself about this. If you’re not energized by what you’re doing most of the time, it’s time for an EXIT Strategy!

Share which one the statements was your biggest “that’s NOT me” below and let’s create a dialogue about it!

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