Strategist and Coach

And my hope for you is that you’re living your dream career – feeling energized and empowered by what you do and being of service to others in a way that fills your spirit.


Because, what you want wants you. The world needs your gifts!

Why Me?

I have extensive leadership and life coach training and experience. But you know what? My clients work with me because I’ve been where they are. I get it. I don’t judge their life stories. I believe in them and want them to achieve their dreams as much as they do. They trust me. And together, we get results.

A Little More Background

My career journey began in the Corporate World over 15 years ago. I counseled executives from major industry players to creative start-ups. Healthcare professionals to graphic artists. I strategic planned, corporate communicated, project managed and leadership trained with certifications aplenty. The bottom line? I know how to create a clear vision, make a targeted action plan, and get things done.

The Truth

Sure, I had my successes in the Corporate World. Lots of them. But I wasn’t on track with my passions and I knew it. So, I jumped (or really pole vaulted) onto a new path …

I got my master-level certification in Coaching from iPEC, a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. And I began helping dreamers and doers exit unfulfilling jobs and enter dream careers.

It wasn’t easy. I’ve taken a lot of risks along the way. Turned down promotions. Left jobs. Lost jobs. Moved from the Midwest to LA with no home, car, work or friends waiting. I’ve modeled, hosted, and through it all, realized a few of life’s essentials…

Essentials I’ve Learned

  • You don’t find your dream career or life. You create it.
  • It’s not the thing you want – the new job, the new significant other, the new car. It’s the feeling you think you’ll have when you get it.
  • You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – progress requires action and some risk.
  • Your own thoughts are your biggest barrier to progress.
  • While you’re so busy doing, it’s most important to be.
  • The best thing to be, is you – your authentic self!

None of these ideas are necessarily original, but then again, how many of life’s lessons are? My perspective is what’s unique. I’ve learned a lot through my own experience, training, continued education and hard knocks. I invite you to join me here each week as I share new tools, ideas and recommendations through my blog.

Let me help you EXIT the job that’s dragging you down and enter into the life that energizes you, empowers you, and serves others in a way that fills your spirit.

You want to work with someone you trust to uncover and work through what’s holding you back from greater success.

You want your managers to have the support of a Coach to grow their skills as leaders – leveraging their strengths, addressing barriers and providing specific tools and resources where needed.

You’re looking for smart strategies and clear, doable action plans to have more effective communication within your team and organization. These strategies need to fit with your culture and take advantage of the available technologies.

As a Strategist & Coach, that’s where I come in.

My career journey began in the Corporate World over 20 years ago. I’ve counseled executives from major industry players to creative start-ups —  strategizing, planning, coaching, communicating, managing and leading.

The bottom line? Clients work with me because I can empathize with various company culture challenges, I’m an effective Strategist and Coach, they trust me, and together we get results.

During my 20 years of experience, I have:



  • Provided one-on-one coaching to leaders at all levels to help them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals, be more effective in their roles and improve their reputation.
  • Partnered with leaders to create their development plans, including action plans, timelines and success measures – leveraging their strengths for their career growth and the organization’s succession planning.
  • Developed and managed programs for leadership development and performance management – shifting from more formal, occasional practices to a culture that incorporates growth and feedback into daily work practices and leverages informal learning opportunities.
  • Conducted interviews and 360-degree feedback assessments to gather insights to be used for creating the leader’s development plan and evaluate team members’ experiences.
  • Partnered with instructional designers and subject matter experts to create workshops and training on coaching, onboarding and effective communications. Led initiatives to revamp employee onboarding programs with more online tools and experiential training.
  • Partnered with leaders on issues such as building trust with the team, leading difficult conversations, being coach-like managers, obtaining clarity on long-term career goals, fostering an executive presence, improving department processes, building relationships outside the team, approaching difficult situations with confidence, customizing recognition programs, preparing for interviews and presentations, etc.

Strategy & Communications:

  • Counseled executives and Human Resources leaders on strategic communications for mergers, reorganizations, and controversial, companywide Human Resources initiatives.
  • Created and implemented strategic communications plans to achieve business objectives for employee engagement and culture-related initiatives – clarifying the desired outcomes, conducting stakeholder analysis, engaging stakeholders, developing strategies and tactics, testing solutions for the “problem to solve” before full implementation, evaluating success measures, etc.
  • Led management teams to improve leadership and companywide communications – including how best to work and communicate across departments, implementing new interactive communication tools, facilitating leadership meetings, and establishing new processes.
  • Partnered with executives and subject matter experts on their branding initiatives – including competitive analysis, brand strategy, brand identity, and marketing materials.
  • Managed large-scale projects – managing client relationships and communications, internal team priorities and activities, scopes of work, budgets, schedules, quality assurance and success measures.

Certifications & Education:

  • Received certifications and training from an ICF-accredited coaching institute (iPEC), Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership program, Blessing White’s Exceptional Management Skills program, Kepner-Tregoe’s Project Management program, and Carmine Gallo’s Presentation Skills. Received a bachelor’s degree in Communications.
  • Hosted several corporate videos and TV shows, with training in TV Hosting, On-camera Techniques and Improvisation.

Clients & Companies:

  • Worked with large organizations of 15k (including multiple healthcare systems and an electric utility company), mid-sized interactive and video & film production companies, as well as several creative and technology start-ups.
  • Counseled and coached CEOs, Chief Technology Officers, Creative Directors, Chief Human Resources Officers, sales executives and several team leaders throughout the organization.
  • Coached leaders at several Los Angeles companies including Southern California Edison, the University of Southern California and (You can see some of their feedback on my Services & Praise page.)