5 Signs You Love Your Work

5 Signs You Love Your Work

How many of the following statements accurately describe how you feel about the work you do? 1) You’re eager to learn more about the skills and talents needed for your job. 2) You spend time reading about work-related topics on your free time, just because you’re interested.   3) You’re not dreading your Monday morning work… Read More

I lost my job! Now what? 8 Strategies for Staying Positive After Job Loss

I’ve been there – receiving the stomach-churning, what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-do-now news: “Your job position has been eliminated.” No matter what your job and financial situation are, it can shake the ground underneath you and have your mind and body reeling with anxiety. After hearing the news, it’s essential to take action on the basics as soon as… Read More

Why & How to Get Clarity on Your Personal Brand – Even as an FTE

If you’ve always been a full-time employee (FTE), you may never have thought about your personal brand. You’re probably too busy clarifying and supporting your company’s brand – as reflected through its values, differentiators in the marketplace, customers’ needs and emotional connections, graphic representation, etc. However, if you want to pursue a new career or… Read More