Can People REALLY Change? Yes, and Here Are the Keys to Success!

You can talk about change, want change, put some effort into creating change – and yet find yourself with little progress at year’s end. Why is that? Are people really capable of creating change? Is it ever too late to change? Here’s the short answer: People are capable of change at any age, including you.… Read More

6 Behaviors to Quit in Order to Thrive in 2017

Are you tired of having the same goals year after year with no major change or accomplishment to show for it? If you’re ready to thrive and not just survive in the new year, there are six behaviors you need to quit: 1) Being vague. If you have vague desires and wishy-washy action plans, they’re… Read More

My Struggle With Gratitude & What I Know Now

When I was at one of the most frustrating points in my career several years ago, I was reading a lot of books and blogs. I was seeking direction and comfort because I hadn’t yet achieved my career goals, my financial goals or my personal goals. And frankly, I didn’t like the way I felt… Read More