One-Month Kick Start

Who It’s For:

We’ve worked together before: If you’ve already worked with me through my Four-Month EXIT Strategy+ program of VIP Strategy Day, this One-Month Kick Start can be used to get clarity on a new issue, refine your action plan for a particular goal, or brainstorm about a key topic. Basically, the time can be used however you’d like to help you get unstuck and move you forward with a goal.

We’ve never worked together: This One-Month Kick Start program may also be a good fit for those who have never worked with me, but have a particular goal in mind that we can work through using a kick-start approach. The one-month framework allows for tackling a more involved topic than a one-hour call. During this month, you’ll have multiple calls with me to discuss issues, have check-ins, update the action plan, etc.

If you let me know within 48 hours of wrapping our One-Month Kick Start that you would like to immediately continue working with me through my Four-Month EXIT Strategy+ program, we can apply the payment for your One-Month Kick-Start toward the fee for that program.

What It Looks Like:

Q&A Prep: I’ll send you a Q&A to complete and send me before our One-Month Kick Start begins so we can hit the ground running during our first call.

Three Phone Sessions: We’ll schedule two 60-minute calls, strategizing on how to accomplish a specific goal. The sessions will be about two weeks apart. The second session takes the learning from the previous session and the work done in between to refine the goal for that month, update the actions needed and further your progress. We’ll wrap up the month with a 30-minute call to ensure you’ve got a clear plan to keep you moving forward with your goal.

Commitments: There will be agreed-up actions you’ll need to take after each session. Actions that stretch you, excite you and will lead to progress and results.

How to Schedule:

If this program feels like a good fit for you, please complete the form below. I’ll be in touch in no more than 72 hours to confirm discuss schedules and next steps.

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